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New computational tool may speed drug discovery

The whole of epigenetic regulation may be
greater than the sum of its parts

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Let’s get physical –
adventures in the dry lab
ft. Bradley Dickson


Rothbart Laboratory
Our mission is to implement innovative scientific approaches and develop useful tools, reagents, and therapeutics that advance our understanding of chromatin function in key areas of biomedical research. Central to the success of this mission is our dedication to the education and training of scientists to prepare them to become leaders in society.

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Rothbart Laboratory at VARI updated their profile picture. ... See MoreSee Less

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Had a great day today visiting UNC Chapel Hill and speaking about our research at the Lineberger Cancer Center ITCMS symposium. Also great catching up with my postdoc mentor Dr. Brian Strahl. ... See MoreSee Less

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Want to learn more about the research we do in the lab? Check out the latest VAI Whiteboard Series narrated by Dr. Rothbart.

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Before creating new medications, scientists must understand the body's intricate processes and components like cells, genes and DNA. This approach is known as basic research and includes studying a complex system called epigenetics. “The beauty of epigenetics is that it isn’t specific to one disease or one process. It is part of everything that goes on in our biology,” said Dr. Scott Rothbart. "The potential for life-changing discoveries is massive." Watch the video below and read our latest blog to learn more: www.vai.org/getting-back-basics/

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